Cardiac Care

Provides adequate care for the cardiac patients during recovery after surgery or heart conditions


This department contains a great number of medical specialties; its beds are highly equipped to guarantee patient comfort and privacy>


This department is typical in providing medical and nursing care to pediatric patients, in addition to providing the department with comfortable medium to parents, and recreation facilities to patients.

Cardiac Catheterization

This department is equipped with 2 "five axis cath lab" machines. Under the supervision of experienced cardiologists, these machines provide the images needed in a quick and accurate manner. The catheterization procedure include widening cardiac as well as body arteries by inserting stents, ballooning, or other procedures such as Precutaneous Valvuloplasty, which is a recent procedure successfully performed by highly skilled staff. This department contains a special unit committed to to perform cardiac catheterization to pediatrics and those with congenital problems.

Laboratory Analysis

This department performs a wide variety of developed laboratory tests, surveillanced by the american Bio-Rad laboratories as an external quality control program>

Medical Imaging

This department is considered on of the most developed parts in the hospital equipped with the latest imaging technology that is available universally.

Diagnostic Services

This department contains recent diagnostic equipment to help in treating of gastrointestinal, neurological, respiratory and urological diseases. These diagnostics are supervised by many specialized physicians in accordance with different tests ordered.


This department is working under the supervision of ER highly efficient and experienced medical and nursing team trained to handle emergency cases appropriately.


This department provides medical rehabilitation for in and outpatients under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced physical therapists.


The operations department at the hospital is designed based on the recommended scientific standards. It contains operation boards equipped for various surgical specialties in addition to an inhalation section along with all of its equipment.

Intensive care

This department provides optimal care to serious and critical surgical cases, as it is equipped with up to date sophisticated and highly specialized medical and nursing team. This department was recently redesigned and extended to serve patients with efficient close medical observation.

Coronary Care Unit

This unit contains 10 single rooms accommodating 10 patients, it is equipped with latest and up to date machines that potentiate the unit's ability to treat all critical and complicated cardiac problems.

Coronary Surgery Unit

This department is quipped with a sophisticated medical monitoring system for post open heart surgeries. It is a 10 bed unit with single rooms for special medical cases.

Intensive Care for Neonates

This department is distinguished by its highly specialized and expert medical and nursing team, as well as, its up to date medical equipment as it is considered as a referral center from different Lebanese regions.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

This departments was designed to meet medical as well as Islamic code. A highly qualified medical team of obstetricians and midwifes work together to provide optimal medical care to patients. As the department is proud of being classified as baby friendly hospital in accordance with Lebanese ministry of public health and UNICEF.

Cardiovascular Surgery

This department contains 3 highly equipped operation rooms according to the highest universal standards to be efficient in providing all the treatment needs of complicated and critical cardiovascular cases, including pediatrics and adults. As it accomplished many rare and important cardiovascular surgeries.

Post Cardiac Surgery Unit

Provides adequate care for the cardiac patients during recovery post surgery or heart conditions

Disease and cardiovascular surgery clinics

Disease and cardiovascular surgery clinics

Renal Dialysis

This department is considered one of the recent departments in the hospital. The dialysis staff are trained and committed to provide relaxation and privacy to their patients.

Electro Pysiology Cardiac Laboratory

This department is considered the most recent electro physiology cardiac lab in the middle east and the first in Lebanon. Important procedures are performed to treat tachycardia and arrhythmia by using advanced technology like cryo ablation and radio frequency. Also electronic medical devices are being used to treat cardiac muscle weaknesses by artificial pacemakers and defibrillators. This department is recognized as a referral center for Lebanon and the region.