Al Rassoul Al-Aazam

About the history section:

The children's section in the Great Prophet Hospital (r) of the typical sections and important in terms of modern medical and nursing services needed by children from the age of the month, and up to 12 years.

Founded in 1997, the children's section and cover my bed to exceed four in ten bed, but then there are plans to expand the section to absorb the momentum and the large numbers of sick children were rehabilitated in 2011 and who became a capacity of 19 beds.

Structural section:

Department of Children's Hospital Great Prophet department is integrated and includes:

- Entertainment for children room

- Two intensive care for children with all the possibilities of intensive care

- Six rooms receive all hospital and surgical cases

- Serie A room is a room with a single bed, to secure the privacy and comfort of children.


It works in the children's section Doctors specialists in addition to children Doctors specialists in the following sub-specialties:

- Tababhalatefal

- new born

- Children's Heart

- The thyroid gland in children

- The nerves of children

- Kidney disease in children

- Obesity in children

- Continued the activities of the children's section

Kids Section days staying healthy educationally free nursing and medical cooperation, during which:

- Preview of children aged 4 years to 10 years of age by pediatricians specialists.

- Set up a program of lectures to mothers in order to train them on how to prevent accidents in the home and ways to deal with some pathological cases.