Al Rassoul Al-Aazam

Obstetrics and gynecology (Obstetrics & Gynecology Dept):

This section was re-designed and expanded in 2007, to respond to the legitimate needs and medical both in collaboration with a specialized team of doctors, midwives and experienced high efficiency and scientific qualifications who enable us to patient care and comfort of the mother and her baby.

Section consists of three wings:

1. maternity ward: This suite has its unique design features a hand into account the standards of medical, psychological and legal considerations for mothers alike, and contains the following:

A. rooms for deliveries of medical equipment fully equipped reliance by international quality systems standards.

(B) a separate room to check Alamhat- four rooms for monitoring during labor-room control postpartum.

2. Wing women's disease and hospitalization: consists of 14 beds and two wings Sweet each consisting of two rooms, a room for the convenience of the mother and the other to receive visitors.

3. newborns wing: specially equipped incubators take into account the requirements of health safety and comfort to ensure the best care for them.