Skin Deseases

Dry skin owners are lucky in that they are less prone to problems such as acne or Alzewan but is more vulnerable to other problems if you did not follow the steps daily care Bbcherthm.
It is more the qualities or the problems facing the dry skin.
Discomfort or itching light.
Ease of skin redness and irritation when exposed to certain substances.
Roughness of the skin, especially in dry atmosphere, whether cold or hot.
Lack of freshness and dull skin.
Thinning of the skin and ease the appearance of some small wrinkles, especially in the facial expression at places of expression wrinkles.
The emergence of signs of progress quickly and others ....
The causes of dry skin:
And it asks a lot about the causes of their suffering from dry skin and in fact is what is pathological reasons, including what is the result of bad habits to take care of Bbcherthm.
Pathogens represent some pathological cases the cause of dry skin, such as the imbalance in the metabolic processes such as low thyroid activity or that the sebaceous glands do not secrete adequate amounts of fat to moisten the body or because of diabetes, which contributes to the emergence of symptoms of dry skin disease.
Eating certain types of drugs: drugs such as diuretics diuretics or drugs antispasmodics stomach or allergies antihistamin drugs or treatment of acne drugs such as Roaccutane pain
Aging: Valepeshrh less ability to hold water with aging as a result of skin paper and thus the small number of cells T-containing fat and contribute to keep the water content greater in the skin and therefore the skin becomes more moisture and less drier and this is what is not happening in the developed skin in a lifetime and therefore the skin becomes more ready for the appearance of wrinkles
Wrong habits: and by the people when bathing in hot water more than twice a day, which works to remove the oily layer that envelops the skin and increase the moisture content in it as warm water works on the steaming water content of cells in turn contributes to dry skin after drying, especially when you use a towel It also causes a rough use of the types of alkaline soap or containing a percentage of perfume and less where refreshments ratio and thus contribute to dry skin also
There are many other factors Kaltard to the sun for long periods or exposure to certain chemicals as materials for cleaning or diet disorder and lack of it contains substances that contribute to moisturize the body.
When I visit competent?
Consult your doctor or pharmacist specialist task, especially when you see symptoms such as severe itching. Or blood or chapped skin and inability to sleep or when you see the red spots on the skin and the appearance of the other, but at the same time can follow the tips that remind to end the problem or control.
How to deal with dry skin:
Dry skin and sensitive skin thin and lost a lot of components that lost her freshness so you must deal with them gently greater ability to control it avoid the evolution of the situation and follow the tips such as:
Correct erroneous bathing habits to reduce the bathing duration (10 minutes) and the use of warm water, not hot, reduce the use of soap and avoid soap alkali or which contains materials increase the dryness of the skin and replace humidifier with soap or glycerin, which preferably contains chamomile, which soothes skin irritations and after the bath to avoid rubbing the skin with a towel coarse and replace it with a soft texture and a towel without rubbing and use moisturizer after less than (3 minutes) from the shower to ensure a good absorption of body cream and thus compensate for the loss of moisture during bathing.
The use of soft materials such as oils which can be used in the work of massages for the skin, such as almond oil or olive oils or the use of pure moisturizing cream daily, which contributes to the increase of moisture in the outer layer of the skin.
In many severe cases of dry skin severe drought of the atmosphere is causing a major Therefore advised to use moisturizing machine at home humidifier, which works to increase moisture levels.
The use of the mask and moisturizer twice a week, which contains natural materials such as honey or almond oil and rose water or other and that are available in the market under the name moisturizer mask.
Stay away from smoking and smokers where Main article working in smoke (nicotine) to weaken the blood vessels and reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the skin as the hyphen caused by cigarette smoke works to dry up the skin from the outside.
The use of protectors own sun dry skin and dry skin sunscreen containing amount of moisturizing creams and protective materials from the sun and its effect dried.
Stay away from plastic materials that contain a high percentage of alcohol or perfume. And replace them with non-alcoholic creams, perfume alcohol free - perfume free.
Maintain a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables, wheat, beans, nuts and good amount of protein as is recommended with plenty of vegetables and fruits red and yellow Kallimon, oranges, carrots and tomatoes, which contain the amount of vitamin A or vitamin E, which act as oxidation.
Minimizing soft drinks or chocolate or French fries or drinks that contain Alkvaian such as tea or coffee, which reduce the percentage of water in the body to influence diuretic.
Sports activities to improve circulation and increase food hyphen to body cells through the blood.
The use of hand coverings to protect the hand, especially during cleaning operations or obvious, to avoid influencing dried materials used.
Clean the skin constantly using moisturizing soap-rich materials or steam clean the skin when exposed face of the water vapor so that water containing materials such as wheat more than moisturizing oil, rosemary, thyme, chamomile and others.
Use of sanding gently scrub each period to remove dead cells and rejuvenate the skin cells and rehabilitation show gives freshness and then use a humidifier.
Avoid or coarse woolen or that contain irritants to the skin and replace them with cotton clothes gentle on the skin or clothing
Use of vitamins AC E and zinc to their impact in moisturizing and protecting the skin from the harmful factors.