Skin Deseases

Is the sudden loss of hair in any area of ​​the skin is composed of specific or more small spot sizes up to a few centimeters. And it is one of the autoimmune disorder disease Autoimmune disease.
And hit alopecia areata sexes in equal proportions. And it affects all ages but is most common in children and young people.

There are some beliefs that alopecia is caused by an infectious disease or certain types of food, but these beliefs are incorrect. A lot of theories explain the occurrence of alopecia, such as the existence of genetic factors, exposure to severe psychological stress, exposure to head injury, given the presence of disorders. But research has settled on that alopecia areata is the result of self-immune system of the body, where the body's immune system begins to attack its members disorder. The cause of alopecia occurrence of a disturbance in the body's own immune system is considered the hair follicles foreign objects from the body and begins to attack it and disposed of and thus hair loss.

Alopecia areata in the form of several small spot or spots in the skin completely free of hair show. And patches are varying in size and is not increasing in size from a few centimeters. And more places involved are the scalp, but can also occur in the chin, mustache, eyebrows, or eyelashes. And the skin at the spot infected, there is no completely normal by any inflammation or scaly or itchy. Therefore, we find that the majority of cases discovered by chance because the only symptom is hair loss.

And alopecia areata is composed of three phases:

The first stage: Tam sudden loss of hair in a specific spot of the skin.

Phase II: expansion of the size of that spot.

The third stage: the growth of new hair in the infected spot. And sometimes new hair white or gray color in the beginning and then it becomes like the rest of the hair later.

And sometimes we find in the re-growth of hair in a specific spot and at the same time loss of hair in the other spot. And there are chances to repeat alopecia areata occurring more than once. In about 5% of cases total loss of scalp hair and what happens is called PAL Alopecia totalis

At approximately less than 1% of cases total loss of hair the whole body and may occur is the so-called PAL Alopecia universal.

Hair often returns to growth again without the use of any treatment, but be slow. So used to expedite hair re-growth treatment. And where that Vixen immune disease, so the treatment depends on the weakening of the immune system. And it is in treatment:

Cortisone: in the form of a topical cream, or by injection into the scalp, or tablets by mouth.

Minoxidil 5% minoxidil: for topical use twice a day.

Antralan Anthralin: used for 20-60 minutes and then wash the skin.

And usually hair grows back treatment during the 8-12 week.