Press Statements

I got to the hospital certificate ISO 22000: 2005, the relevant safety and quality of food.
Due to the rapid scientific progress in the field of conservation technology and manufacturing global food, and the subsequent development of the control systems, food safety, quality appeared modern theories of systems specifically ensuring food safety through the beginning of the incoming raw materials integrated system in manufacturing processes to the arrival of the final product to the consumer, and this System includes
On modern scientific methods to monitor the safety and quality of food which is known as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system .. The aim of the ISO system to 220002005:
1.altaraf on possible errors in the production process and ensure sources of assurance of the final product quality.
2.amaaljh these errors by using appropriate means.
3.akaddrh complete control in the production process. 4.dman food safety or health of the final product.
The hospital has received the certificate of the system in April 2008, the first hospital institution in Lebanon to obtain this certificate, which is the application of standards in order to provide better health and nutrition services at the hospital