The medical team in «Beirut Center for the heart» in the «Great Prophet Hospital», last week, an electrical device implantation process «(barostim») to two patients Ienyen heart failure (heart failure). Is the process of modern remedial actions in Lebanon and the Middle East, has been importing the device from the United States.
Heart failure disease occurs when the damaged heart muscle or valves, faces a heart so hard to pump blood in the body, and the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to all organs of the body, but is not considered a heart failure heart disease ceased to function, but the heart continues to activity, less efficiently. And based reasons for heart failure, according to a specialist heart disease and electricity in «Beirut Center for Heart» Dr. Ali Rabah, the blockage in the arteries, high blood pressure, or malfunction of the heart valves, an inflammation of the heart muscle, and congenital heart disease.